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Welcome to the official homepage of Dr. Levi Sheptovitsky, lutenist, guitarist, musicologist and teacher. Levi Sheptovitsky has two doctoral degrees: the Doctor of Musicology of the Sorbonne (Paris, 2003) and the Doctor of Philosophy of the Bar-Ilan University (Israel, 2004). Levi Sheptovitsky studied lute and guitar in Russia and in master classes and private lectures with Nigel North and Jonathan Rubin.

Levi Sheptovitsy: lutenist, guitarist, musicologist and teacher From 1980 he appears as a performer of early music and leads ensembles of authentic musical instruments. He authored musicological research and articles published and being prepared for publication in in USA, England, France and Poland, participates in in the International musicological conferences in musicology, and is a laureate of prestigious prizes and scholarships.

Dr. Sheptovitsky was a part of the publication team (production) of a professional periodical Israel Studies in Musicology, vol.6 (1996). Examiner and scientific leader with the division of formation. From 1989 teaches on lute and guitar and is a lecturer in musicology in the higher educational institutions of Israel.

"La grande connaissance de la musique de la Renaissance et du Baroque, la competence musicologique, la pratique remarquable du musicien interprete, la connaissance multiple des langues sont les vertus du travail de Monsieur Sheptovitsky..."
Professeur Louis Jambou,
Universite de Paris-Sorbonne, France

"I have read Mr. Sheptovitsky's thesis with care and wish initially to congratulate him on a fine edition of a very significant manuscript of lute music. He has produced a very handsome and accurate edition of the Cracow Lute Tablature, and has made a detailed study of its contents. [] This work should clearly be published on book form."
Professor John Griffiths,
Faculty of Music, The University of Melbourne, Australia

"Dr. Sheptovitsky is not only a highly talented musicologist, but, and of significant importance, he is also a performer on early instruments, such as Renaissance and Baroque lutes and wind instruments (this combination is a necessary precondition for the modern study of 16-18th century music and therefore it is one of the basic requirements of any university for a researcher of early music. [] Dr Sheptovitsky has a good command of several languages. Thus, for example, his thesis is written in English and the defence of his doctoral dissertation at the Sorbonne was presented in French, while my conversations and correspondence with him are conducted in Polish."
Prof. Dr Jan Steszewski,
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland